Warding off those Bed Bugs


Many people wonder how to keep bedbugs away. There are numerous solutions to this problem, the best ones being proactive.

There are mixed reviews whether bed bug sprays work. Some people think they definitely do, but experts usually heat treat to get rid of these bugs.

Bedbugs usually jump from one home to another. So do not buy used furniture from discount stores that has not been treated. Also, they travel in any used goods. If one wants to buy used clothing, pop it in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes or more to kill any bugs. There still might be eggs embedded, so put the clothes immediately in the washer to wash and then the dryer again.

Change bedding frequently. Bed bugs thrive in unsanitary conditions because these people do not take care of their environment. Of course, once bed bugs have infested, usually furniture and belongings need to be destroyed. Then after the treatment, the occupants can move back in.