Your Baby’s First Year

Discovering that you’re having triplets always comes as a shock, but nothing prepared me for how overwhelmed I would feel after my babies arrived! However, even though my experience was more extreme than most, I soon discovered from talking to my friends that all first time moms feel this way, no matter how many babies they gave birth to!

Six months on, and I’ve learned a lot about baby’s first year, but I’ll be the first to admit I’ve still got a lot more to find out! Still, I thought I would share some of my helpful hints so that other first time moms out there know that other women really do understand how you feel. These handy tips will help you to make the most of your baby’s first year of life – I certainly wish I’d known some of these things 6 months ago!

Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help

When my little ones arrived, I felt that if I asked for help I would look incompetent, however now I wish that I’d spoken up. Remember that other mothers have been there before and will never judge you for asking for advice and support. If it helps you to feel less guilty, bear in mind that at some point in the future you’ll find that you’re in a position to help out someone else in the same situation.

Don’t Buy Everything

While it may be tempting to invest in a ton of new baby equipment, in fact babies need a lot less stuff than you might imagine. Keep clothing to a minimum – remember how fast babies grow, and remember that items which are used for only a short time such as Moses baskets and bouncy seats could be borrowed from a friend or bought second hand to save money. There are a few items that are essential however. Of course you’ll need to buy a new mattress and a new car seat, and another piece of equipment that is worth investing in is a room dehumidifier. Room dehumidifiers ensure that your baby is sleeping in an environment with good air quality and will help to prevent allergic reactions.

Don’t Be Competitive

Too many parents are worried about the rate at which their baby is developing and the urge to become competitive can be overwhelming, especially when others around you are bragging about how their little one can roll over or sit up much earlier than expected. Of course it’s normal to compare your child to others, but don’t worry about it if your baby isn’t hitting their milestones just yet. Remember that all children develop at their own pace.

Mom Knows Best

While there is a mountain of advice out there about how to raise babies, nobody knows your baby like you do. Of course it’s worth getting opinions and reading information about different stages of development, but you are the best judge of whether something will work for your family. Every mom is different, but we are all doing a great job!